Winter in Saulkrasti is like a girl in front of a mirror, unable to decide on her attire! In cold weather with lots of precipitation, winter puts on a thick white coat of snow, riddled with trails left by skiers and children's sledges.

In wet and damp weather, winter smells of an open fire, freshly baked bread and bathhouse whisks. In the silence of winter, one can best hear the arrival of winter solstice, Christmas and the New Year, and enjoy the offer of beauty parlours and spas after a tiresome work week.

"Klēra J.K" Beauty and SPA

- Facial esthetics
- Body treatments, massage
- Lymphatic drainage boots
- Vacuum Massage
- Waxing
- Manicure and Pedicure
- Gelish nail polish
- Eyelash and Brow tint
- Eyelash perming
- Brow shape
- Earlobe piercing
- Sale of Academie cosmetics

The specialists of the salon work by prior arrangement.

Contacts: Ainažu iela 9, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67952350, +371 29562407

"Klēra Lukss SPA" Beauty procedures and SPA 

- Spa rituals for the body and face
- Spa rituals with sauna
- Facial procedures
- Procedures for eyebrows and eyelashes
- Biorevitalisation and mesotherapy
- Body peeling-massage
- Slimming body wrap
- Procedure for the abdomen
- Body procedure for expelling excess fluid
- Body tinting
- Vacuum massage, etc.

The specialists work by appointment.
Contacts: Ainažu iela 25 k.1-1, Saulkrasti, phone +371 29632863,

"Skaistuma Laboratorija" Beauty and SPA

"Skaistuma Laboratorija" offering beauty, massage, hairdressing and nail care specialists' services. The salon is equipped with modern equipment, offering high-quality services (using GUINOT and CHRISTINA products) for very attractive prices. Beauty Laboratory Ltd. is owned by Linda Zeltina who herself is a practicing beautician and a teacher of International CIDESCO Riga Beauty School - the leading beauty school in Latvia where new beauticians are trained. Because of  her long-term practical experience and theoretical knowledge Linda is offering only the highest quality services to the clients of her salon. The specialists of the salon work by prior arrangement.

Contacts: Rīgas iela 32c, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 29210099 |


Beautician Private Practice

 At this beautician private practice, you will be pampered by certified beauty specialists with the highest level of education in Latvia. They will choose the most suitable procedures and take the best care of you. We work with professional French cosmetics Thalion, which are based on the diversity of marine plants and extracts of coastal plants. It is a unique investment in your health that will ensure proper functioning of your body. Discover the benefits of the sea for a healthy body and beautiful skin through our products that have been inspired by the ecological environment of the sea.
We also offer nail specialist services.
We have a vast range of procedures:
- facial procedures with a rejuvenating, moisturising and cleansing effect
- classic facial procedures and massages
- slimming, toning and relaxing body procedures
- body massages
- waxing
- eyelash and eyebrow tinting and shaping
- eyelash extensions
- AHA peelings
- apparatus procedures with vacuum
- manicure, apparatus pedicure, gelish
- professional products and dietary supplements to ensure special care for your skin at home

The specialists work by appointment.

Contacts: Saulkrasti, Ainažu iela 34 (Saulkrasti Clinic), ground floor, room 13 (behind reception)
Certified cosmetologist: +371 28645588


Winter is full of warm and lovely holidays, so, with the holiday feast in mind, make sure you order cakes, pies and gingerbread cookies timely. You can do it at the Saulkrasti bakeries Bemberi and 10 balles. At Ainažu iela 20 you can order the delicious smoked chicken of Inčukalns and local smoked meat products (call 67951276). The fish kiosk of the same address offers fresh fish and fried lamprey on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. To make sure your holiday feast includes fish, call 29243607!

Stock up on winter supplies at the Cietais Rieksts Square market and Skulte Rural Territory near the border of Saulkrasti (open every Saturday); here you can purchase Christmas gifts and treats for your holiday feast.

Cafe "10 Balles"

This cosy coffee-room is a perfect place to enjoy delicious pastries or some lunch while watching the town traffic speeding by the window. Here you can order various takeaway cakes, pies, cookies, and other goodies for your special events and parties.

Contacts: Ainažu iela 9, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67952873

57°15'48" 24°24'52"

Cafe - bakery "Bemberi"

This cafe-bakery  offers tasty cupcake, pies and pizzas or one of the midday offers in a peaceful atmosphere. For different events and parties we bake cakes, pretzel, biscuits and other delicacies. Delivery only after previous telephone arrangement. Places - 30.

 Vidrižu iela 21D, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67951251 +371 29263357 |

57°16'17" 24°25'45"

Cafe "Bemberi"

You can order our amazingly tasty kebabs either with a hot or mild sauce of your choice. For those who crave super-hot stuff, we suggest trying out our kebabs with chilli sauce! And gourmands will enjoy our kebabs with honey–mustard sauce, as well as vegetarian kebabs! We also have different soups, stuffed pancakes, as well as meat dishes and salads on the menu. And if you have a sweet tooth, indulge in a slice of our pie, tart, cake, muffin or cookies! Here you'll be able to enjoy your meal or snack without any haste, all while reading a book from our library.

 Raiņa iela 7, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67952236 +371 28695448 |

57°15'46" 24°24'51"

Cietais rieksts square market

Vegetables, fruits and berries, smoked, salted and dried meat products, fish products, dairy products, cereals and bread, honey, applied arts and craft items, etc. from Latvia.

Working hours:
October–April: Fridays from 15:00 till 19:00.

Contacts: Rigas iela 77, Saulkrasti, phone: + 371 22079570

On snowy days, we recommend skiing along the seacoast or visiting the ice-rinks of the Saulkrasti Sports Centre or Cietais rieksts café. The Across Four Rivers guide will come in handy when planning a skiing or walking day trip, while the Vidzeme Seacost Map for Tourists will be useful for a 2–3 day skiing trip along the sea.

After activities in the fresh air, relax at the bathhouses of the Saulkrasti accommodations or the Rozēni curative bathhouse, where you will learn what a real bathhouse ritual and attendant should be like.

"Rozēni" healing bathhouse

A great event for a family of friends. Cold prevention. Better mood and less tiredness. The service is also suitable for experienced bathhouse visitors and athletes. The procedure strengthens muscular tonus and promotes the discharge of body contaminating elements.

Contacts: phone: +371 29196438

57°19'18" 24°25'43"

Both young and old locals and visitors will appreciate the traditional winter events: the lighting of the Christmas tree at Sun Square, Christmas concerts at Pēterupe Church, God's Grace Church of the Roman Catholics and the Zvejniekciems Culture House, and the New Year fireworks and concert at Sun Square.

Saulkrasti (Pēterupe) Lutheran Church

Pēterupe Church, first built in 1641. The current building is already the fourth church in this place, built in 1856. Its altar painting "Christ at the Cross" (Golgotha) was done by Josep Miller in 1856, using his teacher Peter von Cornelius's altar painting at the Ludwigskirche in Munich as an example. The church was consecrated in 1864 and a year later a Martin organ with 8 registers was set up there, extended to 14 registers in 1903. Unfortunately, the organ was destroyed during World War II.

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Roman Catholic Church of Divine Grace

In 1998 the Roman Catholic Church of Divine Grace, able to hold 300 people, was built and consecrated next to the River Ķīšupe, close to the park and an open stage; it was a project of the architect Jānis Šrēders. The Christ in the altar painting is portrayed by the artist Ēriks Pudzēns as seen by Sister Faustina on 22 February 1931 in a Polish monastery.

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