Music and dance club "Katrīnbāde"

Music and dance club “Katrīnbāde” offers thematic parties and concerts every Friday and Saturday starting in May.
Table reservation, advertisements, information:
Madara – +371 2 637 92 39
Elīna – +371 2 677 99 12

Hall rent for banquets, weddings and celebrations:
Antra – +371 2 955 26 28

57°14’51” 24°24’05”
Contact details:
Rīgas iela 77c, Saulkrasti,
+371 2 637 92 39
+371 2 677 99 12

Culture Centre "Zvejniekciems"

Saulkrasti Culture Centre "Zvejniekciems" is special for its uncommon architecture. The building was designed by the famous Marta Staņa in the middle of the 20th century for the use of the workers of the collective farm "Zvejnieks". The centre offers a wide choice of cultural events – concerts and rehearsals of local artists and performances of guest artists. Almost all national holiday celebrations are also held there.

Saulkrasti municipal agency "Saulkrastu kultūras un sporta centrs" has operated in the culture centre "Zvejniekciems" for almost five years now. There are two halls – the big hall with a stage and a lobby with 600 seats in total, and the small hall where different concerts and exhibitions are organised for smaller numbers of people. The premises for rehearsals on the second floor are newly renovated and the third floor is occupied by the young artists of Saulkrasti – the department of Vidzeme Music and Art School.

57°19’04” 24°24’52”

Contact details:
Atpūtas iela 1b,
+371 6 795 41 79

Saulkrasti open-air Stage

Saulkrasti open-air stage is located next to the once famous Neibāde resort. There is a memorial column, erected in 1877 by August von Pistolkorss in honour of Karl von Reutern, the founder of Neibāde.

Nowadays Saulkrasti open-air stage is a place that attracts many visitors from all over Latvia during the summer. Most of the famous local artists have performed here during the last three years. Every year a concert is organised in loving memory of E. Liepiņš on Saulkrasti open-air stage and people are invited to the musical celebrations in honour of U. Duka. However the most popular events are the Saulkrasti city celebrations.

57°16’38” 24°25’06”
Contact details:
Ainažu iela 42, Saulkrasti,
+371 6 795 41 79

Saules laukums (Sun Square)

Sun Square – it is the centre of today’s Saulkrasti. For the last two years it has been a popular place for the people of Saulkrasti and visitors to celebrate events like the Declaration of Independence Day of Latvia, the summer season opening party, Līgo celebrations, Balts Unity Day and New Year’s Eve.
This year the new, well-organised environment – the stage, the dance area of original form, lights and the close location to the sea has attracted jazz and classical music fans as well as those preferring active recreation.

57°16’01” 24°24’49”

Contact details:
Ainažu iela 13b
+371 6 795 41 79