What to do in Saulkrasti with a family?

It is no secret that a holiday at the sea has a favourable effect on both children and adults. Fresh air, swimming, sun-bathing and other outdoor activities strengthen the body, increase appetite and give you the opportunity to rest from the everyday rush and stress of life.
The coast is a gratifying place to holiday at any time of the year. 
Summer brings the pleasure of swimming, sun-bathing and water activities; while autumn and spring delight with hiking, bird-watching and cycling, and winter – with skiing and skating. Fabulous sunsets in Saulkrasti can be enjoyed every sunny day.

Traditional events of the Saulkrasti Municipality have become especially popular among families: they include the summer season opening event "Roll into the summer of Saulkrasti!", the Festival of Saulkrasti, Saulkrasti Jazz Festival, as well as Latvian Traditional festivities.

Welcome to Saulkrasti!

Explore nature! 

White dunes, Environmental design park

In Saulkrasti, at the White dune, you can see several interesting environmental objects that encourage us to listen to nature and look at it more attentively. Mother hedgehog Frīda and rabbit Fredis kindly ask visitors not to litter and spend the time in nature quietly without noise. The Insect path draws attention to the fact that a very active world is bustling around us everyday – it is full of different insects that we often do not notice. In addition, you can use a listening device – a specially designed horn – to listen to the waves of the sea and the rustling of pines. Information stands and signs provide information about the natural qualities of the surroundings and the process of formation of the White dune.

Sunset trail

Go for a 3.6 km long walk in the coastal dunes! When you go from the centre of the park to the White dune, the biggest prize you will get is a platform which opens up into a fantastic bird’s eye view of the twists and turns of the Inčupe River. There is also a playground designed for small visitors.

 While walking along the trail, you will enjoy the view of the sandy beach, the flow of the Pēterupe River into the sea and the peaceful dune forest with 20 giant pine trees. Some of them are 200 years old. Don’t forget to listen to the birdsong and pay attention to the little things. With any luck, you will see a small specially protected insect – the longhorn beetle!

The rocky beach of Zvejniekciems

On the southern side of Skulte port, there is the rocky beach of Zvejniekciems. It tempts you to become a master builder and erect a stone building. You can use sand or clay as a mortar which can be found on days of low tide.

In spring and summer, you can watch swans, and in the evenings you will be delighted with the beautiful sunsets, lying on the sun-warmed stones, or basking in the sun after swimming.

Rest actively!

Bathing area “Centrs” and Sea park

The Sea park invites you to enjoy convenient lounge chairs, playground equipment, outdoor gyms, as well as street workout facilities and a beach volleyball court, or simply to indulge in swimming and sand-cake baking.
Both children and adults will find exciting activities after their own heart here.
During the bathing season from 15 May to 15 September, a rescue service, SUP board rental and lounge chairs are available on the beach.  Next to the beach, there are the “Mare”, “Costa del Sol” and “Saules dārzs” cafés.

 Saulkrasti Tourist Information Centre, 13b Ainažu Street, Saulkrasti,

Phone + 371 67952641, tic@saulkrasti.lv

The sandy beach of Zvejniekciems

The sandy beach of Zvejniekciems is located on the north side of Skulte port and is a favourite place for families with babies who like to relax on the soft sand and sandy islets of water, as well as for those who like the shallow water, especially small natural explorers.   
Next to the beach, is the guest house “Aizvēji”, where visitors can enjoy delicious meals in summer.

Horse riding for small children and beginners

Horse and pony riding with and without prior training. 
The big white horse called Roze will take a small horse rider with his mum or dad for a ride.
Horse and pony rides to the party zone – children's parties, parties, corporate events, as well as horses for parties and events by the sea. 
Family photo sessions with experienced calm horses by the sea or in the cart.
Please apply for horse riding by the sea no later than 16 days in advance.

Contacts: “Saules zirgi”, not far from the campsite “Jūras Priede”, Zvejniekciems,

phone + 371 29460788, www.sauleszirgi.lv, sauleszirgi@inbox.lv

Saulkrasti equestrian sports club “Jūras zirgi” 

Horse or pony riding for children, training, equestrian lessons for children and young people.
If the child is very young and afraid of big horses, then you can ride a pony which is beloved by children. You can feed and groom the pony before the lesson, as well as learn how to saddle up and pull the reigns – everything is done exactly the same way as with big horses.
Monday – day off; rest days – upon prior arrangement by phone.  

Contacts: 6 Upes Street, Zvejniekciems, phone + 371 26785844, www.juraszirgi.lv, info@juraszirgi.lv

Bušas paintball park

The paintball park has been operating for 9 years and has acquired extensive experience in the organisation and management of children's birthday parties and students’ tournaments. The recommended age of participants is over 10 years old. The minimum number of participants is 2.
Different missions, tasks, three different thematic grounds with cars, towers and trenches, a descent with a 40 m rope and a unique attraction – a military battle area.
The paintball park provides free picnic areas, comfortable changing rooms and showers for customers.


Contacts: “Bušas”, phone +371 26785909, www.busas.lv (for children over 10 years)


Saulkrasti tennis court opens in April.
Training for kids over 8 years, trainer’s services, equipment rental.
Prior arrangement


Contacts: Saulkrasti tennis courts, 10 Skolas Street, Saulkrasti, phone + 371 20277710, karlis.vasulis@gmail.com

Bicycle rental points

Saulkrasti bicycle rental and workshop

The bicycle rental service offers different sizes of bicycles for children and teenagers, bike trailers for transportation of children as well as tandems for adults.

Opening times: every day from 10:00 to 18:00 (in summer season) 

From 1 September to 1 April, we open upon prior arrangement.

Contacts: 44a Rīgas Street, Saulkrasti, phone + 371 28883160, www.velomuseum.lv


VeloDžek bicycle rental, repair shop and store

Opening hours: Mo. – closed, Tu. – Sa. 10:00 – 19:00, Su. 11:00 – 17:00
Contacts: 24a Ainažu Street, Saulkrasti, phone + 371 26702228


Saulkrasti bicycle museum

The only bicycle museum in Latvia and the largest bicycle museum in the Baltic States invites adults and small visitors to find out about the history of the bicycle industry. In the museum, you can see old-fashioned bicycles, the workshop, store, logo collections and many other interesting exhibits.

Free entrance for children of pre-school age, for students – EUR 1, for adults – EUR 2. 
Guide services are free of charge.

Contacts: 44a Rīgas Street, Saulkrasti, phone + 371 28883160, www.velomuseum.lv

Opening times: every day from 10:00 to 18:00 (in summer season) 

From 1 September to 1 April the museum may be visited upon prior arrangement!.

"Seasidefeeling" creative workshop  

After a nice walk around Saulkrasti or some recreation by the sea, we offer you the opportunity to capture your impressions in a creative workshop, making handmade gifts from natural seaside materials as the original souvenirs from Saulkrasti. Creative workshops: ’’Koka kuģīši’’, ”Saulkrastu ainiņas”, ’’Krāsaini lukturīši’, etc. 
Duration of workshop activities: 45 min – 1 h
Price: EUR 4–6 per person
Prior arrangement

Contacts: Creative Association "Seasidefeeling", phone +371 29183736 (Asnate)


One-day hiking routes "Over the four rivers" (11 km in one direction) – the route allows you to see the four rivers of the Saulkrasti Municipality. Small children will definitely enjoy the Sunset Trail which is 4 km long and can be split into short walking stages: White dune – Bicycle Museum of Saulkrasti – White dune (1.7 km); White dune – Café “Cietais rieksts” – White dune (3 km);

By bicycle. Saulkrasti City is 11 km long and easily passable thanks to the pedestrian path.  The only stage that is not passable by bicycle is the steps between Akāciju Street and the bus stop “Glābšanas stacija”.

Useful information


▪ 8 Raiņa Street, Saulkrasti
▪ 1b Atpūtas Street, Zvejniekciems
▪ Marine park, 13b Ainažu Street, Saulkrasti
▪ White dune, Saulkrasti
▪ Café “Cietais rieksts”, 77 Rīgas Street
▪ “Lilaste” recreation complex, Lilaste

Free public places with available leisure areas

▪ White dune – tables with chairs
▪ Sun square – chairs, platform
▪ Sea park – chairs, platform

Access to the beach with a baby carriage

▪ From the White dunes’ parking lot to the beach – a gravel road and wooden footbridges.
▪ Footbridges from the parking lot of the café “Cietais rieksts” leading to the sea. 

▪ Raiņa Street – paved road leading to the guest house “Saulrieti”, the parking lot along the beach.

▪ Bīriņu Street – asphalt road and pavement along side Saulkrasti Tourist Information Centre leading to the beach.

▪ Vidriži Street – paved road to the sea, parking lot.

▪ Footbridges in front of Saulkrasti Hospital leading to the sea.

▪ Footbridges on the banks on the Ķīšupe River leading to the beach.

▪ "Rūķītis" bathing area – paved road leading to the bathing area and parking lot.               

▪ Near the café “Koklītes” – an asphalt driveway with parking lot and footbridges leading to the beach.

▪ Zvejniekciems – footbridges leading from Melnsila Street to the beach.

▪ Zvejniekciems – footbridges leading from Upes Street to the beach.

Nappy changing table

Saulkrasti Tourist Information Centre, 13b Ainažu Street, phone +371 67952641 
Opening hours: 
IX – V 8:45 – 17:15 every day except for holidays
VI – VIII 9:00 – 20:00 working days, Sat. 10:00-20:00, Su. 10:00-18:00.  
Closed on Public Holidays.

Special children's food, goods for children

Children’s store “Bembi”, 20 Ainaži Street, phone + 371 67952250
Opening hours: daily 10:00 – 19:00 

Family-friendly accommodation

▪ Hotel “Minhauzena Unda” – high chair, playground, discounts
▪ Guest House “Aizvēji” – children’s menu, high chair, crib, playground, discounts, close to the sea
▪ "Lilaste" recreation complex – children's menu, high chair, playground, discounts. Free accommodation for children under 10 years, cribs available.
▪ Guest House “Pie Maijas” – free accommodation for children under 3 years, EUR 3 for a crib, close to the sea
▪ Guest House "Gāles" – outdoor children's playground
Camping “Jūras priede” – playground, close to the sea
Holiday home “Uzkalni” – high chair, children's playground, close to the sea
▪ Camping “Bušas” – crib, discounts for children, free accommodation for children under 5 years, trampoline available for children
Hotel contact information
 open in summer

Family-friendly cafés

NameChildren's menuHigh chairKids corner
Other amenities
▪ Café "10 balles"
inculded in offerx
Close to the beach
 Summer Cafe Aizvēji
Outdoor playground
Parking lots for clients
Close to the beach
▪ Bakery café "Bemberi"

Outdoor swings
Parking lots for clients
▪ Café "Bemberi"

Close to the beach
▪ Café "Cietais rieksts"

Outdoor playground
Parking lots for clients
Close to the beach
Summer café "Costa del Sol"

Outdoor playground, 

next to the beach
Summer café "Koklītes"

Next to the beach
Parking lots for clients
▪ "Lilaste" recreation complex 

Outdoor playground
Parking lots for clients
Next to the lake Lilaste
Contact Information of cafés and restaurants

 open in summer