Restaurant "Pino"  

Located on the first floor of the hotel Pine Resort, the Restaurant PINO with it's cozy environment and professional team will gladly serve for customers who value the good traditional Baltic and European cuisine. The Restaurant is open to the public and offers its customers rich breakfast, delicious dishes and lazy evening happenings at the outside terrace. Breakfast is served for our guests in the restaurant or breakfast room located on the 2nd floor.

The restaurant also provides services for organization and carrying of banquets, parties in a friendly, cozy and warm environment for you and your loved ones.

Contacts: Rīgas iela 28, Saulkrasti, Phone: +371 67951960 , +371 66900623 | | | Facebook

57.2385702, 24.3978484


Cafe "10 Balles"


This cosy coffee-room is a perfect place to enjoy delicious pastries or some lunch while watching the town traffic speeding by the window. Here you can order various takeaway cakes, pies, cookies, and other goodies for your special events and parties.

Contacts: Ainažu iela 9, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67952873

57°15'48" 24°24'52"
Working time: M.-Su. 8-20

 Cafe "Aizvēji"

This  cafe, is located in a quiet place, allowing you to enjoy not only tasty food, but also magic of the nature and rest.

Contacts: Jūras prospekts, "Aizvēji", Zvejniekciems, phone: +371 26547055 |

57°19'33" 24°24'32"
Working time: Fri.15-22, Sat.-Su. 12-22

Cafe - bakery "Bemberi"

This cafe-bakery  offers tasty cupcake, pies and pizzas or one of the midday offers in a peaceful atmosphere. For different events and parties we bake cakes, pretzel, biscuits and other delicacies. Delivery only after previous telephone arrangement. Places - 30.

 Vidrižu iela 21D, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67951251 +371 29263357 |

57°16'17" 24°25'45"

Working time: M.-Su. 6-18 Working time in summer: M.-Sa. 6-20, Su. 7-20

Cafe "Bemberi"

You can order our amazingly tasty kebabs either with hot or mild sauce of your choice. For those who crave super-hot stuff, we suggest trying out our kebabs with chilli sauce! And gourmands will enjoy our kebabs with honey–mustard sauce, as well as vegetarian kebabs! We also have different soups, stuffed pancakes, as well as meat dishes and salads on the menu. And if you have a sweet tooth, indulge in a slice of our pie, tart, cake, muffin or cookies! Here you'll be able to enjoy your meal or snack without any haste, all while reading a book from our library.

 Raiņa iela 7, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67952236 +371 28695448 |

57°15'46" 24°24'51"

Working time: M.-Su. 8-18 Working time in summer: M.-Sa. 8-20, Su. 9-20

Kafejnīca "Cietais rieksts"

Contacts: Rīgas iela 77, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 22079570

57°14'47" 24°24'34"

Working time: M.-Th. 10-18, Fri. 10-20, Sa.,Sun. 11:30-20

 Summer Beach Cafe "Costa del Sol"

"Costa del Sol" terrace is a recreational complex in the "Sea Park" territory of Saulkrasti beach "Centre" area offering a wide range of recreational opportunities for everyone – beach relaxation, children's playground, volleyball court, a bar and a great place for night-time parties. The "Costa del Sol" terrace is a place to enjoy great food and refreshments, as well as to have banquets, children's parties, etc.

Contacts: Jūras parks, Ainažu iela 13B, Saulkrasti, phone:  +371 2 5757397

57°16'01" 24°24'49"

Working time: M.-Th. 11-23 Fr.-Sa. 11-2 Su. 11-23
Working time: M.-Su. 11-23

 Summer Cafe "Krastiņbārs"

This summer café is located only a stone's throw away from the sea, so after delicious a meal you can indulge in a walk along the seashore.

Contacts: Raiņa iela 11, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67951400

57°15'43" 24°24'37"
Working time: M.-Su. 11-20

 Summer Beach Cafe "Lagūna"

A summer coffee-room located at the end of Vidrižu Street. Meals can be enjoyed with a view of the sea. While the food is being prepared you can take a short walk along the coast.

 phone: +371 26178744
Working time: M.- F. 11-22, Son., Su. 11-23

 Summer Beach Cafe "Mare"

This lovely beach café offers an opportunity to sip coffee or some other delicious drink while watching the sunset from the terrace. This is a perfect place to enjoy your meal in a leisurely manner!

Contacts: Ainažu iela 13a, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 29216204

57°16'02" 24°24'43"
Working time: M.-Su. 11-23

Cafe "Mezgls"

Cafe is located near the Saulkrasti road. Portions are big and for the acceptable prices.

Contacts: "Jaunsaules", Zvejniekciems, phone: +371 67954256

57°18'24" 24°24'39"
Working time: M.-Su. 11-23

 Summer Cafe "Minhauzena Unda"

Our café offers meals like those of a baron for very good prices to everybody who feels tired or looks for a rich meal!

Contacts: Ainažu iela 74, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67955198 +371 26481904 |

57°17'29" 24°24'54"
Working time: M.-Su. 9-21

 Summer Cafe "Saules dārzs"

The summer cafe is located near the Sun Square, offer fast food - fries, a shashlik etc. A place where on the way to the sea you can buy a tasty coffee.

Contacts: Sun square Ainažu iela 13b, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 26304868 (Imants) or +371 28386518 (Ilze).
Working time: M.-Th. 11-23 Fr.-Sa. 11-2 Su. 11-23

Summer Cafe "Tereza"

Hostess of the house Tereza will treat you with a delicious meal, while the host of the house Jurijs will cook an exquisite barbecue on alderwood coals.

 Akāciju iela 1a, Saulkrasti, phone: +371 67952541 +371 29134171 |

57°17'02" 24°24'55"
Working time: M.-Su. 10-20

Cafe "Vēja rags"

In this cafe you can taste a delicious food for the acceptable prices.

Contacts: Akmeņu iela 2, Zvejniekciems, phone: +371 26826199

57°17'55" 24°24'42"

Working time: M. free Tu.-Su. 12-23

 Cafe "Saltwater"

If you want to pamper your taste buds with different fish dishes at reasonable prices this place is just what you are looking for. Top your meal with some nice dessert, and – surely – a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

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 Ainažu and Akmeņu street crossroad, Zvejniekciems

phone: +371 27527551

57°17'55" 24°24'37"

Working time: M.-Th. 11-20 Fr.-Sat. 11-23, Su 11-20